Patriot Service Dogs

Our Mission

  • To enrich the lives of disabled military and veterans in our communities by placing a well-trained and lovingly-raised service dog with them
  • To educate the public about the rights of service dog trainers and teams, while focusing on giving disabled veterans back some of their independence lost while preserving ours

Our Values

    • Patriot Service Dogs understands that each of us is different but equally valuable.  We are aware that at different times in our lives, each of us may need some help.
    • One must find the courage to ask for assistance; no one should do it alone.  It is our hope that not only will our service dogs provide a person with a measure of independence, but that we, as an organization, can be a source of continuing support.  Together we can change lives.

Our Vision

  • To help individuals with mobility-related disabilities or PTSD who wish to gain independence through the assistance of a specially trained service dog
  • To provide all teams (veteran + dog) with individualized training, in hopes that with their new found independence, they will reach out to others
  • To educate and create awareness among the general public regarding disabilities and service dogs and the benefits that well-trained service dogs provide to people with disabilities

Our Volunteer Opportunities

If you are looking for an organization to volunteer with  - we welcome you!  Our volunteer opportunities include:

      • Puppy Raising - a 2 year commitment
      • Event Planning
      • Grant Writer
      • Vacation Raisers - a wonderful way to see all that goes into being a puppy raiser
      • Speaking Engagements - networking to arrange public speaking engagements
      • Weekend socialzation: In the Ocala/ Villages area. Enjoy time spent with a service dog in training. "Weekends" are usually Thursday through Sunday. Allow the pup to experience all the things you do in a day- and help us train our special dogs.

If you have a desire to help, we will gladly find a place for you in the Patriot Service Dogs Family - just call (386) 454-5124  or (352) 514-9903.

For Applications Please Click Here.

Our Community

It is very important to support the communities where we live and we have found ways that benefit both the pups-in-training and the community at large.

    • We visit the Clyde E. Lassen Veterans Nursing Home in St. Augustine, FL to distribute filled Christmas stockings to all the residents.
    • Reading with Radar is a reading program developed in conjunction with Marion County Public Schools. PSD are brought into local elementary schools to encourage the students to read slower and with confidence.
    • We and our service dogs-in-training speak to groups throughout Marion County about the humane treatment of animals.
We have a large volunteer group in The Villages/ Ocala area. We work together to help provide quality, well trained service dogs to deserving veterans. Our volunteers help with planning graduation and outings. They help make sure each veteran has what they need to succeed as a service dog team.



Belleview: 1.352.514.9903

Jacksonville: 1.386.454.5124


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