Patriot Service Dogs

Our Mission

  • To enrich the lives of disabled military and veterans in our communities by placing a well-trained and lovingly-raised service dog with them
  • To educate the public about the rights of service dog trainers and teams, while focusing on giving disabled veterans back some of their independence lost while preserving ours

Our Values

    • Patriot Service Dogs understands that each of us is different but equally valuable.  We are aware that at different times in our lives, each of us may need some help.
    • One must find the courage to ask for assistance; no one should do it alone.  It is our hope that not only will our service dogs provide a person with a measure of independence, but that we, as an organization, can be a source of continuing support.  Together we can change lives.

Our Vision

  • To help individuals with mobility-related disabilities or PTSD who wish to gain independence through the assistance of a specially trained service dog
  • To provide all teams (veteran + dog) with individualized training, in hopes that with their new found independence, they will reach out to others
  • To educate and create awareness among the general public regarding disabilities and service dogs and the benefits that well-trained service dogs provide to people with disabilities

Our Volunteer Opportunities

If you are looking for an organization to volunteer with  - we welcome you!  Our volunteer opportunities include:

      • Puppy Raising - a 2 year commitment
      • Event Planning
      • Grant Writer
      • Vacation Raisers - a wonderful way to see all that goes into being a puppy raiser
      • Speaking Engagements - networking to arrange public speaking engagements

If you have a desire to help, we will gladly find a place for you in the Patriot Service Dogs Family - just call (904) 777-1371 or (352) 514-9903.

For Applications Please Click Here.

Our Community

It is very important to support the communities where we live and we have found ways that benefit both the pups-in-training and the community at large.

    • We visit the Clyde E. Lassen Veterans Nursing Home in St. Augustine, FL to distribute filled Christmas stockings to all the residents.
    • Reading with Radar is a reading program developed in conjunction with Marion County Public Schools. PSD are brought into local elementary schools to encourage the students to read slower and with confidence.
    • We and our service dogs-in-training speak to groups throughout Marion County about the humane treatment of animals.



Belleview: 1.352.514.9903

Jacksonville: 1.904. 777.1371


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