Rylee Update

Rylee turned nine months old on November 12, 2010 and is making great progress on her journey to becoming a service dog. She is attending classes at our local University, venturing to restaurants, and even going to amusement parks like Disney and SeaWorld!

Lately, she has learned to touch handicapped access buttons to open doors and tug socks off of people’s feet. She’s also loved being learning how to pick up her own leash off the ground and then give it back to her handler. Some pictures of our adventures are below. Enjoy and stay tuned!

**UPDATE** Rylee is a Therapy dog for a disabled sheriff dept deputy, who is permanently disabled.

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Ranger This is Ranger, he is our other new Recruit! He is a Chocolate Labby boy being raised my Julie Drexel in Ocala.

**UPDATE** Ranger is now a working service dog!!

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Cooper is one of our newest Recruits! He and Ranger are close in age. He was placed on the day of our 1 yr aniversary party, July 24th Cooper is being raised in Ga by raisers Kristen & Matt. Cooper was donated by Breeder Tracy Thompson of Flora Home. Cooper is from Country Goldens. He is Justice’s 1/2 brother!

**UPDATE** Cooper is now a therapy dog in Alabama, visiting with disabled Veterans.

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Justice  @ 12 weeks old

**UPDATE** Justice is now a working service dog!


Justice was 1/2 sponsored by the Greater Beaches VFW Post 3270, Jacksonville Beach.

05/29/10 – Justice just turned 6 mos old today. He is a handsome boy and goes to work daily with his trainer, Susan Bolton. They both work at Vystar Credit Union where he has quite a fan club!

This weekend he attended a Scrapbook retreat in Orange Park where he got to meet and greet lots of new friends and get reaquainted with friends who met him on his first day as a puppy in training!

He also met some great Navy Pilots who were in town for flight training exercises on the USS George HW Bush, an aircraft carrier, that was temporarily off the coast of Jacksonville.

Justice will be featured on Channel 12 / 25 news in Jacksonville on May 12 @ 6PM.

Justice is doing very well with his training. He mastered the basic commands of Sit, Down, Wait, Front, Heel, Side and of course his FAVORITE, EAT! He does most of these command by voice, whisper and hand signals. We start the pups training when they arrive at 8 weeks of age.

We train each morning using their breakfast. As we introduce each new command we hand feed breakfast. the puppies learn very quickly.

05/16/10 – This week was a very busy week for Patriot Service Dogs and Justice! On Wednesday he was featured on First Coast News on Hero Central!

(05/15/10) American Legion Post 137 Legion Riders had a fundraiser bike show where they presented Patriots with a check for $2500. Enough to sponsor a new puppy! This will cover the pup for their time in training in their puppy raiser home. It will cover all veterinarian costs along with heartworm preventatives and flea preventatives. Here is a link to the Jacksonville Times Union article from today’s paper. it was on the front page of the metro section.

Here are some additional photos you may want to check also! Click here!

06/01/10 Patriot Service Dogs is on FACEBOOK!

1st Annual Dog Bowl Volunteers 2010

06/12/10 Our Dog Bowl was a huge success. All who came had a wonderful time, they got to meet and greet some of our local puppies in training, win some raffle prizes and bowl a couple of games!

Tim Shelton from the Legion Riders of Post 137 presented PSD with a check for $2500 for a second puppy sponsorship! We are very grateful for their continued support!

Tim Shelton of American Legion Riders Post 137 presenting Patriot Service Dogs a check for a second puppy sponsorship.

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Lady “Liberty”

This is Lady Liberty. She was Patriot’s very first puppy in training. Liberty was being raised by Julie. Liberty is a wonderful intelligent puppy, full of delight! Unfortunately she was released due to medical reasons. She was placed with a wonderful loving family who treasure her!

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Mildred is a very sweet girl who is being owner trained by Vicki and Billy in Jacksonville. She is quick to learn and a big help to Vicki. Mildred has learned her basic obedience plus some very useful service dog tasks. She can help untie your shoes, remove them and then take off your socks. She will also help you remove your jacket and pick up anything you may drop.

Mildred attends weekly obedience classes with Justice & the other pups in training. &

**UPDATE** Mildred is a working Service dog.

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**UPDATE** Gunner is now a working service dog!

Gunner is one of our new recruits. He is Rylee’s big brother. He is being raised in Ocala, Fl by trainer, Barbara. Gunner also attends events and speaking engagement with Patriot Service Dogs’ CEO Julie Drexel. Everyone who meets him falls in love!

Gunner at the vets getting weighed. What a big boy!!

Training fun! I love running through the tunnel!

This is my puppy raiser family! We have lots of fun together!

The Caruso family put on a wonderful block part to raise money for Patriots! Instead of bringing presents to the birthday boy, they brought gift cards and money for Patriots! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to set up the party, to those who attended and those who donated!

The Band at the Block Party

Gunner is being finished by Christina and Tommy Baucom in Callahan Fl. He is doing very well. He is a very exuberant boy who loves to please.

11/10/11 Gunner has graduated! He is now a full working service dog!! The Baucom family was there to witness Gunner’s graduation from Puppy in Training to Service Dog. On 11/11/11 the working team of Chet and Gunner took their first steps as a working team. Chet suffers with PTSD. With Gunner at his side Chet has been able to do things that just the month before had not been possible. Each day they take new strides together. Things as simple as going shopping with the family, jogging, and going out to eat…all things we take for granted, are difficult for some of our returning men & women. Service dogs like Gunner help make this transition back into everyday life, a little bit easier.

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Introducing Rylee!! One of our newest recruits to Patriot Service Dogs. Rylee is Gunner’s sister.

Rylee is being raised by college sophomore, Kayla. Rylee is 10 weeks old and is a very sweet attentive little girl. She is going to make a fine addition to our program. She has been with the director of training for a little over 2 weeks. Tonight will be her first night with her trainer, Kayla, who was finishing up exams in college and just came home for the summer. In the fall they will both be returning to college.

Susan Bolton, Director of Training, presenting Rylee to Kayla 04/10/10

Kayla is very excited to be raising Rylee. they are going to make a terrific team.

Rylee & Kayla 04/10/10

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Tasha came to us as an older recruit. She is a 10 month old very sweet girl. She turns a yr old on May 9th. Tasha loves to work and learn. Her raisers, Christina & Tommy, are doing a great job! Taking on an older dog can be a challenge but one they were very willing to do.

Tasha loves to shop and go to restaurants. She also attends obedience classes each week.

Tasha was donated by Pam Myer in Belleview, Fl.

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Poker Run: A Great Success!

Our 1st Annual Poker Run was a wonderful success. The day dawned bright and clear, a little cool at first but quickly warmed to the mid 70’s. It could not have been a more perfect day had we ordered it. All our volunteers were there and ready, each person taking their assigned location and doing so with gusto. It was the first Poker Run for each and every one of us with Patriot’s! So although we were all very inexperienced, everyone made up for it with their enthusiasm!

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