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Because pet food sales in the U.S. is a more than $24 billion industry, a great deal of money is spent on advertising and lobbying to keep consumers focused on packaged, processed pet food. The minimum standards are what an animal can survive on, not an optimal level they can thrive on. It does matter where the pet-food protein comes from, as the 2007 pet-food recall dramatically demonstrated.

Top-end, grain-free, chemical- free, by-product-free brands are still processed, which destroys many nutrients, including taurine, glutamine and natural enzymes. As long as the raw food is balanced nutritionally, it is superior to any processed food.

— June Yamrick

Continuing Support I know that I’m paid up but I will still pay for another two years. I understand the cost of paper and what the stupid and illogical tariffs are doing to small businesses.

Your magazine is fantastic. What a great dog advocate and ambassa- dor you are with The Bark. I look forward to reading the magazine well into the future.


As Seen in The Bark Fall 2018

Dear Karen London: Hello, my name is A. and I’m an inmate at Lowell Correctional (a work camp in Ocala, Fla.). Here at Lowell I am in a program called W.O.O.F. (Women Offering Obedience and Friendship). We train service dogs for disabled war veterans as well as teach rescue dogs basic obedience so they may have a better chance at getting adopted. We also do a lot of educational things such as book reports. Which leads me to why I’m writing to you. I chose your article “Canine Sleep” for my last book report. I learned many new things from your article that were not only interesting but I can also apply it to my every-day life here in W.O.O.F.

I would like to extend my gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge. I hope your article has affected others the way it has affected me. Thank you.


From the Editor: This very thoughtful and heartfelt note meant a lot to us, so we contacted the good people at Patriot Service Dogs (PSD), the 501(c)(3) organization behind the W.O.O.F. program. They’ve been partnering with Florida’s Department of Corrections since 2011, and this program is having a remark- able impact on inmates such as the young woman who wrote this note. PSD, which began in 2009, operates exclusively on donations, so to find out more, or (ideally) to donate, see Be sure to also check out their wish list.

From Karen London: A., you and the other women in W.O.O.F. are making a difference in the lives of dogs and people, and I’m impressed with your work and with your educational pursuits. Receiving your letter was a treat—I’m grateful that you wrote.

Fall 2018 Bark 11

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