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READERS’ LETTERS Because pet food sales in the U.S. is a more than $24 billion industry, a great deal of money is spent on advertising and lobbying to keep consumers focused on packaged, processed pet food. The minimum standards are what an animal can survive on, not an optimal level they can thrive on. It
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We would like to extend a warm thanks to everyone who made this graduation possible this past July.   We can not say thank you enough for your continued support.   Here are just a list of some that contributed to name a few! Villagers 4 Vets Dynamic Dogs Marriot Towne Place Spanish Spring Too Jays Spanish
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Service dog training program offers hope, rehab to inmates and soldiers   We are thrilled to have this opportunity to see this program reach out to the community.  We truly want to thank everyone for their continued support and FOX for the opportunity to share our story.   It can be seen here.
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We are proud of our recent graduates- Cordelia, Commander, Sarge and Hawkeye. After training together with our lead trainer, Lee Conger, the teams enjoyed a day of celebration with lots of supporters and well wishers. Our ninth graduation was our first in The Villages and we had a record breaking crowd at the ceremony of
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Sunday, 29 January 2017 / Published in Albums
Sunday, 29 January 2017 / Published in Albums