Frequently Asked Questions


Can you train my dog to be a service dog?    Unfortunately we can’t.  We train our dogs for two years and they are all covered under our insurance policy.  We are not able to train your dog and allow it to be covered under our policy.

Can I buy a vest from your organization to help me travel with my dog?   He is very well behaved.   Our vests are not for sale.  We train our dogs for years and test them, so we know they are qualified to be service dogs.  A vest should not be thought of as a way to bring your dog on vacation. In many states it is illegal to pass your pet off as a service dog.



I have filled out an application. Am I guaranteed a dog?  No, simply filling out an application does not guarantee you a service dog from Patriot Service Dogs.  We have more applications than dogs in training.

I have severe depression and my doctor said I should get a service dog.  I am not a veteran. Can I apply?  No, we only place our dogs with those who have served in the military.

I am a veteran but my disability is the result of an accident that occurred when I wasn’t serving. Can I still apply?  Absolutely! We welcome all who have served.  As long as you were honorably discharged from any branch of the military, you are welcome to apply.

I served in Vietnam, am I too old to apply?  We encourage you to apply. Age is not a factor.

I have a dog at home.  Will that disqualify me from receiving a dog from you?  No, we place service dogs in homes that currently have pets.  Our dogs must live by a different set of rules but we can work with you to understand what those are.

I have applied to other groups but they say I have to attend training to get my dog. Does your organization make someone go to training in order to get a service dog?  Yes we do!! We train our dogs for two years so they know the commands- but you don’t.  So we have a week long training session that you must attend in order to receive a service dog from us. We want to set you up to have a wonderful experience with a service dog for years to come and that takes training.


I have a litter of puppies and would like to donate one to you. Do you take donated pups?  We love when people ask to donate a pup to us. There are a few things we have to look at before accepting a puppy from a breeder.  First, we must have a one of our people available to train the puppy and a sponsorship to cover the costs. If we have both those things in place, we would be happy to talk to you about a donation.  In order to donate a dog, it must:

  • come from parents that have certified “good “ hips ( done by an x-ray at the veterinarians office)
  • be a breed we use ( This is a size issue. We like our dogs to be the height of a wheelchair so when retrieving an item, the person in the wheelchair can get it. Think lab or golden size as a reference)
  • be between the ages of 8 weeks and 12 weeks.  We start our training when the pups are young. It is much easier to train them how to do things correctly than work on getting rid of bad behaviors they might have learned.

I have a used kennel.   Can I donate that? We welcome donations of gently used items for our dogs in training.  We do not have the ability to get the item from you but welcome deliveries.

My family got a lab puppy for Christmas last year but he is too much for us to handle now. Can we give him to you?  No, I’m sorry.   We train our pups from 8 weeks old so the training process is easier for the pup.  Please look carefully for a family to rehome your pup with. There are also many breed specific rescues that might be able to help.


I would like to volunteer for your organization and wondered what I could do?  We LOVE volunteers!! We have an active group of volunteers in the Ocala/ Villages area that socialize dogs on the weekends.  You must fill out an application (found under the “application” tab) and mail it to:

Patriot Service Dogs   10545 SE 42nd CT Belleview, FL 34420

We will be in touch to let you know when the next volunteer orientation is. These are usually held in The Villages but you do not have to live there to be a volunteer.  That orientation will be followed by a home visit. I promise we don’t care about your taste in furniture. We just want to make sure our dogs in training will be safe. Once you finish the orientation process, you will have a good understanding of what is expected from a weekend raiser. We have a great group of volunteers to help you figure it all out.

I want to do something for Patriot Service Dogs but I can’t take a dog.  Is there room for me to volunteer?   Yes, yes, yes!!! While we are a dog group, we have many other needs.  We love new fundraising ideas and people to execute them. Some people have set up spots to collect donations and then bring them to the group. We can always use someone to sit at booths to hand out literature or help during our training week.  Please fill out an application (found under the “application” tab) and let us know that you are interested but do not want to have a dog. We will find a spot!!!

Make sure you get a genuine service dog.  There are scams.  Click here for details.

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