TheW.O.O.F. Program

Women Offering Obedience & Friendship

In June 2011 Patriot Services Dogs partnered with FL Department of Corrections.  In a cottage-like setting on the grounds of Lowell Correctional in Marion County, FL, 24 female inmates participate in the training of 12 dogs.

Hailes Angels (Gainesville) selects 5 of its dogs in need of basic obedience. This 8-week training course includes commands such as "sit", "stay" and basic leash training, making the dogs more adoptable.  100% of our W.O.O.F.-trained dogs have found forever homes.  Every 8 weeks a new class of dogs enters into the program.
The other W.O.O.F. inmates are each assigned to a Patriot Service dog-in-training. She is responsible for training her dog along the PSD guidelines, as well as the complete care of her dog.  We use volunteer weekend raisers to expose the prison pups to experiences such as riding in cars, going to restaurants and stores, etc.
You can read more about the "W.O.O.F." program and see the dogs currently available by logging onto the Florida Department of Corrections or  Hailes Angels (Gainesville).   You can follow and join their Facebook page. If you are interested in making a donation or volunteering, please contact

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